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XBOX XBINS FTP server mirror
_____________________________________________ Please notify me on this page if any file is corrupted or missing. Every time they add a new file we will be mirroring it. So guess what? We win. Xbins XBOX Mirror downloads server

_____________________________________________ My custom bot downloaded them from the XBINS FTP server. It took a week and 37 OVPN servers. I included the BATch tool I made to manually replace the failed downloads. _____________________________________________ We will be checking xbins activley for new uploads Here. _____________________________________________ 550- Guess what? YOU'RE BANNED. Perhaps if you followed the rules you would not be.
550- I told you not to be greedy. You have taken too much this day. Try back tomorrow.

The-Eye mirror

Thanks to the user /u/-Archivist for creating a mirror of this mirror here

SEPPDROID C.E.O DIODEMATRIX contact@diodematrix.com :roll:
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